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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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ts. >> it can be isolating at times. it kind of depends on the network that you build and the connection that you feel with your colleagues. but it is nice to kind of look around and have someone that you feel can maybe understand you from a cultural standpoint. >> reporter: the lead-on conference aims to increase the number of women and people of color employed in the tech industry. some workers say they believe that diversity and creativity and the competitiveness of the companies they work for are linked. >> it's so important to have people come from different backgrounds and have a really strong diversity in not only a company but in our whole country in our whole world because you're going to solve problems differently. >> reporter: many of the women who attended today's conference say that it's not all about the corporate culture of high-tech companies or their commitment to diversity. they believe that there's a lot of work that remains to be done in education and keeping women and people of color both interested and engaged in
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careers in both the science and technology fields. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. a jury heard opening statements today in the high- profile sexual harassment case against the silicon valley venture capital firm. lawyers for ellen pao said she wasn't promoted at kleiner perkins caufield & byers because she was a woman. she claims she was fired after she complained. lawyers for the firm said today the company is a leader in recruiting and supporting women. they will argue pao was unqualified. she wants $16 million in damages. new at 5:00 the san francisco archbishop is apparently having second thoughts about morality clauses for catholic high school teachers. according to the "san francisco chronicle," archbishop salvatore cordileone said that he is forming a committee of theology teachers to go over the proposed changes to the faculty handbook. the changes sparked concerns because it would prevent teachers from showing public
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support for abortion, same-sex marriage or other issues contrary to church teaching. he is also dropping the idea of designating teachers as ministers meaning that they would have fewer workplace rights. in a meeting with the "chronicle" editorial board, archbishop cordileone said i was surprised at the degree of consternation over this. he went on to say, my primary concern is for the good of our students. we want our students to flourish." the handbook changes sparked some protests and had lawmakers calling for a probe of working conditions for catholic schoolteachers. meanwhile a former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa says that he will not run for senator barbara boxer's seat. he spent weeks talking to consultants and fundraisers and says his heart and family are in california. that leaves state attorney general kamala harris as the only major candidate for now.
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senate boxer announced in january she will not seek re- election in 2016. three people on board a small airplane survived a rough landing at mineta san jose international airport this morning. the landing gear on the twin engine plane collapsed forcing the plane to skid off the side of the runway. the pilot had alerted the flight tower that he was having trouble with the landing gear. he said he had no choice but to attempt the landing. everyone got out safely. the runway reopened this afternoon after the plane was inspected and towed. caltrain service is back on track after a train hit a woman this afternoon. that woman was on the tracks at the palo alto station. the incident shut down service in both directions for about an hour. 200 people were on that train when it happened. the woman was taken to a hospital to be treated. no word on her condition. this is the third caltrain accident in the last 24 hours. first one happened in menlo park yesterday afternoon. a train collided with a car stuck on the tracks.
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that car absolutely exploded left a twisted mess of metal the driver died at the hospital. and in san francisco, another caltrain hit and killed a man in a tunnel about 9:30 last night. 6 people have died on caltrain tracks just this year. well, charred met tal is all that's left of a produce truck that was hilt by a train in southern california. that collision caused five cars to derail. it happened in oxnard during the morning commute. 28 people were injured four critically. reporter randy paige shows us the aftermath. >> reporter: the fireball broke through the predawn darkness just before 6:00 this morning. a produce truck in flames moments after impact from a southbound metrolink commuter train. the train engineer was able to put on the emergency brakes. >> the conductor of the train noticed the car early and the flashing lights and it was able to establish the emergency protocol early emergency braking early. >> reporter: but not early
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enough to prevent 28 people from being injured including four critically. emergency room doctors say a metrolink conductor was among the most severely injured. how did the produce truck get on the tracks directly in the path of the oncoming explain it. >> rather than make the right turn on westbound 5th street it actually turned on the railroad tracks. it was actually stuck there. >> reporter: there was no evidence anyone was inside the truck at the time of the impact. police spotted the the 54-year- old man from arizona who is believed to be the driver of the truck that's now a pile of twisted steel and ashes. >> the officer engaged in a conversation with this individual and determined that this individual was a produce truck driver and that he was connected with the vehicle that had been involved in the collision with the train. >> reporter: even though all five cars derailed each remained intact. metrolink says they are new cars designed to absorb the
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impact of a violent crash. >> it would have been much worse without it. >> pretty amazing. the new technology on that train actually allows the energy from an impact to go outward. that helps prevent those cars as you saw from crumpling up an elderly man was killed in a house fire this morning in sunnyvale. firefighters doused the hot spots of the fire on fisher head coach drive. it started at 5 a.m. and burned for a while before anyone noticed. by the time someone called 911 the fire had engulfed the home. heat damaged homes next. no word on the cause. the sheriff's office will buy a cell upon tracking device. the sheriff says the stingray program will be used to pinpoint phones connected to criminal activity and to locate missing people. but critics say it will listen in on calls and collect text messages from innocent people. they say the technology won't be used to observe members of the community. no federal charges will be
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brought against george zimmerman in the killing of trayvon martin. zimmerman was acquitted of killing the unarmed teen after a confrontation in florida. he claimed self-defense. his parents insist that killing was racially motivated. today the justice department said there was no evidence to bring federal civil rights charges against zimmerman. the senate may be moving closer to a deal to avoid a homeland security shutdown. the department will run out of money by friday if congress doesn't act. today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he would allow a standalone bill to restore funding. republicans had paired it with a vote blocking president obama's immigration orders which democrats strongly opposed. >> our message to these terrorists cannot be that we're going to shut down the department of homeland security. that cannot be the message coming from this senate. >> the house must decide whether to go along with the split. if congress doesn't restore
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funding, about 30,000 employees will be furloughed. and essential workers will have to work for no pay. a record rally on wall street. the dow and s&p closed at new highs and the nasdaq posted its longest winning streak since 2009. investors cheered fed chair janet yellen's remarks that interest rates hikes probably won't happen before june. a berkeley law student is an adult film star. why he is so passionate about his pornography side job. >> i was in special forces. >> what year? >> i was in special forces. >> not the best way to build trust. how the head of the troubled veterans affairs is explaining this lie about his military service. >> temperatures this morning down near freezing away from the water. but did we warm up quickly near 70 degrees for some of you beautiful clear shot from mount vaca looking south toward mount diablo. there is still rain in the forecast. find out when and how much coming up.
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>> and they are designed to be diverse but some say they are downright offensive.
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a student at cal is raising some eyebrows not because of his scholastic record which is quite impressive but for what he does after hours. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us the student's serious message behind the need to take his clothes off. >> i only have a few spaces left. >> reporter: the man in the cal t-shirt is not just an adult movie actor. >> you have to convince me. >> what should i do? >> reporter: he is a second year law student at uc- berkeley. he goes by the stage name jeremy long. >> career wise i want to be a public defender criminal defense. that's one of my passions. >> reporter: but you also right now are going through school you have another gig? >> yeah. so another thing i'm very
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passionate about is, you know, representing asian males in media and, um, i think adult films is one of the most important areas for us to work on. >> reporter: he has made 18 movies so far and has fans around the world including some fellow students! what do they say when they recognize you? >> oh, that's that the porn star guy. >> reporter: jeremy got his undergraduate degree here at cal and his masters at cambridge in england. he was from the bay area and says many of his friends know what he does for a living. do you worry later in your career someone will point back at that and try and shame you? >> i don't see shame in what i've done so i wouldn't recognize that as any sort of -- i hope i don't have to face anything like that. >> reporter: how has your family received this? [ pause ] >> reporter: do they know? >> um, no. my family is outside of this, you know, media circle. so -- >> reporter: they don't want to know probably. they don't know, though? >> no, no, they don't. >> reporter: you're not telling them? >> no. but, um, you know, i'm an adult.
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>> reporter: yeah. he said he had a tremendous a support from his colleagues here at the law school. and as for the money, he says, it is helping with the rent but ken and liz, it's not make a dent on the law school tuition. >> wow. okay. well. there you go. different hobby. >> so there you go. >> thank you, joe. new faces and new skin colors. but tonight there is a lot of frowning over apple's updated emojis. how a plan to be more racially sensitive may have backfired. >> this had a lot of people scratching their heads. what's behind the mystery fireball spotted in several states?
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well, his job was to restore trust but tonight the veterans affairs chief is apologizing for lying about his military service. it all stems from this candid comment. could army, navy, air force? >> army. >> what unit? >> special forces. >> special forces? what years? >> i was in special forces. >> i'm 63 right now. >> now cbs cameras captured va secretary bob mcdonald's exchange with that homeless veteran. he did serve five years in the army with the 82nd airborne division but was not in the
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special forces. he says he was trying to connect with the veterans. >> we at va are working hard to restore trust and again i apologize to those who may have been offended by my misstatement. >> mcdonald was brought in to shape up the va after a widespread scandal involving patient wait times and lot of coverups. the white house says it does not prevents him from carrying out his mission. apple wanted to be more racially diverse with its emoticons, those little faces people attach to messages. as kpix 5 mike sugerman reports, not everyone is giving apple the smiley face. >> reporter: emojis are the little icons you use to show emotions in texts and emails like this year's academy awards. they are pretty white. there's a white guy. there's a white lady. a white guy with a moustache.
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there's i guess a red haired lady and an older bald guy that looks like me. >> none of these look like me. >> reporter: apple heard it and thought they came up with a good idea. thumbs up. make emojis in different skin tones. >> oh. >> whoo. >> wow. >> reporter: black, brown, white, yellow. >> now like you have like more options to choose from. yeah. so i think it's great. >> reporter: on the cal campus there were a wide variety of opinions. we asked because online and especially in china, there were some complaints. yellow for asians?! that wasn't so popular for some. >> yellow as in like lego yellow or simpsons yellow? >> reporter: is that racist? >> yes. >> reporter: they are aren't yellow but over the years popular culture has termed them that. >> it's odd now because now, like, you're putting an issue
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out there that maybe not a lot of people were actually like , like, were aware of in the first place so i was, like, what? >> reporter: apple has no comments but some commentators saying with china being one of its biggest customers fallout in the coming day if there is more may make a difference. in berkeley, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> public testing on the new emoji could start in mid-march. a bay area lawmaker wants to ban tobacco from all major league baseball stadiums in california. legislation was introduced today in sacramento. it would not only eliminate cigarettes but all smoke less tobacco products, as well. the idea? set the right example for children and improve the health of baseball players. the statewide ban on plastic grocery bags won't go into effect this year. opponents of the ban got enough signatures to put the new law on the ballot in november 2016. it was supposed to take effect this july. many bay area cities and counties already prohibit or
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charge for single use bags. for years we have heard we're supposed to wash our fruits and vegetables to get rid of the pesticides. there's a new residue we need to be more mindful of. julie watts reports. >> reporter: they are bright and fresh and the picture of health. your fruits and veggies may be on antibiotics. farmers use the drug to control the growth of bacteria, fungus and algae and prevent spoil angles. they could be downright dangerous for some. researchers highlighted what they believe to be one of the first reported allergic reactions to fruits treated with antibiotic pesticides a 10- year-old girl suffering a life- threatening reaction after eating blueberry pie. while she did have a history of asthma, seasonal allergies and allergies to milk an penicillin they tested the pie and confirmed none of the ingredients were triggers. instead they linked the reaction to the blueberries which had been treated with antibiotics. >> this could explain why so many patients insist that they
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are allergic to berries yet when we test them they are negative and true allergies to berries, strawberries, blueberries, is extremely rare. >> reporter: doctors think traces of antibiotics on produce, meat and in the water supply could have also played a role in the girl's reaction which they do believe is rare. >> one batch of blueberries may contain a high amount of streptomycin and others may not. >> reporter: it may help reduce antibiotic contaminants in food and as a result allergy concerns like this with new fda laws. many countries prohibit the use of antibiotics in food. while they are allowed here there is concern they can lead to antibiotic resistance. a little over a year ago the fda implement a voluntary plan to phase out antibiotics in food production. and they say again this is very rare and, in fact, she is the first known case. at least that they are aware of. >> of being resistance to this kind of antibiotic -- >> reporter: of getting sick from it and having allergic
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reaction from eating berries which they have now connected to the antibiotics residue. >> what are you supposed to do? i don't have a lab at my house to test everything before i eat it. how do you know what your buying in the store is good? flip a coin? >> reporter: if i knew the answer to that i would be a very rich woman. right now there is no way to know. wash your fruits and vegetables and most people are not going to have this reaction. >> thank you. a strange fireball streaking across the sky caught people's attention in several states last night. it looked like a cluster of objects on fire moving slowly from south to north. nasa says the lights were a chinese rocket booster that broke apart. it was used to launch a satellite into orbit. sightings were reported from arizona to canada. >> wow.
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it started off chilly and ended every other day like every other winter day highs close to 70. we have rain to talk about coming up in the forecast. very strange winter. i'll show you the numbers coming up just to show you how strange it's been. here are the numbers. livermore 66. after a low of 35. oakland the warm spot at 67. san francisco you're right at 60. san jose santa rosa san bruno in the low 60s. fremont, 42 for you. san rafael 41. napa 39. concord 39. livermore 38. certainly chilly enough for a jacket. but i do not see widespread frost coming up tomorrow. here's an interesting stat. rainfall totals have been pretty close to normal. rainy days have not. the average number of rainy days that we get in the bay area add january and february together, 23. we typically have a pretty wet winter. how many rainy days have we had
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this year january and february, 2015? three. 20 rainy days have not happened. and the culprit, guilty as charged, right there. big strong ridges of high pressure. overnight tonight it will not be as chilly because we're grabbing an westerly influence to the wind. it's northwest. so yes, it will be chilly but not as cold as we're grabbing some of the moisture and that means warmth overnight from the pacific ocean. that ridge will hang out to our west for the next couple of days. mainly sunny tomorrow. we will be partsly sunny but still mild coming up on thursday. then a change. we have a low pressure area moving in as high pressure retreats off to the west. >> this is will be rain but not that much. storms are typically colder and drier. we want the stuff down from here like we got in december and a couple of weeks ago the juicy storms coming up from the tropics. this storm not much juice out there. .10" of rain. it will help with the allergies but that's about it. another chilly night tonight but less frost compared to this morning. couple of north bay showers will arrive as soon as friday
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evening. the rest of us will get some very widely scattered showers on saturday. for tomorrow, "hump day," wednesday, san jose up to 68 degrees. another day above normal. los altos 69. hayward 67. antioch your high 68. danville 67 after a chilly start. alameda 66 for you have. mill valley 66. sonoma 66. and another day with a chilly start with highs in the 70s. mendocino county and lake county. we increase the clouds a bit on thursday. much more so coming up on friday. and there it is. saturday it will impact your weekend plans but don't cancel anything. we're talking just a few showers. that's it. then on sunday, partly sunny skies return. and the rain once again is finished. i'm finished w
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it's time for tonight's bay area jobs reports. jill schlesinger looks at the growing gland for financial advisers. >> reporter: it's america's [ indiscernible ] week an annual opportunities for individuals to assess their savings status. the task of saving for the future is more difficult now
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due to the combination of a recession a more complicated financial landscape and longer life expectancies. so that means financial advisers will be in high demand. the bureau of labor statistics forecast that employment for personal financial advisers is expected to rise by 27% during the next eight years. the median annual pay for this job is $67,520. many companies hire college grads for entry level positions. but being a certified financial planner is the gold standard in the industry. you can explore the certification process at, where you will also find a career center which lists both jobs and internal ship opportunities. the financial planning association of san francisco has a website with more information about the industry here in the
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because together, we thrive. ♪ i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. new at 6:00 tonight, boosting your cell phone signal. also they used to try to hide cell towers. now they are out in the open and you might not know they're there. california's best surf spots could be in danger. the dire prediction that could wipe out those killer waves. join us for that and more at 6:00. thank you. thank you for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, the v.a. >> pelley: tonight, the v.a. secretary answers for falsely saying that he served in special forces. >> that was wrong, and i have no excuse. >> pelley: dozens are injured when a commuter train hits an abandoned truck. cbs news investigates-- is safety compromised when some airline pilots fly longer hours than a federal limit allows? and senior power. meet one gold medal grandma with a message-- >> i'm old. if i can do it, get with it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition.


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